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[01 Fanfiction] The Mentalist/X-Files - Regret Forever

Titel: Regret Forever
Author: qfemale
Beta'd by: crearealidad
Fandoms: The Mentalist & X-Files
Pairings: Patrick Jane/Dana Scully, Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon, Dana Scully/Fox Mulder
Rating: PG-13 for non-descript adult situations and alcohol.
Spoilers: None
Timeline: Set somewhere - in what I imagine to be - S3 of The Mentalist, and somewhere after S7 - but in AU as S8 and S9 never happened - of X-Files.
Summary: Patrick Jane, Dana Scully and Ms. Whiskey meet in a bar at the dead of the night. What was meant to be depressive alone time turns into taking care of each others needs. What will the world look like once they wake up in the morning?

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[03 Wallpapers] The Mentalist

Today I bring you 3 Patrick Jane wallpapers, made over the past 2 months!

Please note the last one was made from a low resolution image and might not look as good as expected once you click on it. If anyone has that picture in hi-res, I'd gladly make you a better version of it :-p

All wallpapers are 1280x1024px.

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[1 FanFiction] Dollhouse

Titel: Heart and Soul
Author: qfemale
Beta: crearealidad
Characters: Paul Ballard/Mellie, Adelle DeWitt, Boyd Langton
Raiting: G
Spoilers: 'Man on the Street' and 'Omega' for details, but generally all of S1
Timeline: This is set very shortly after the happenings of 'Omega'
Summary: November is having dinner with a new friend. People talk.

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Thank you for reading. Comments are appreciated :-)
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[06 Images] Nip/Tuck

Pictures from the wedding in the Nip/Tuck episodes 5x22 - Giselle Blaylock & Legend Chandler

I am not a member of any Nip/Tuck communities but I think they have been posted around. I am just posting them here because I had been looking for them and I think for once they are actually nice promotional images of an episode!

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